Soilent Green

Soilent Green - Needlescrape

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Slithering Silver Punctures My Source

Pulsing Through, Bleeding Through

Loneliness And Hunger Deep Into Dark

Growing Root

Under The Surface

Feeding Mouths To Induce Stimulation

Leaving Behind Existence Of Body

Taste Life Running Through The Vein

A Channel Of Utmost Comfort

Moving River Of Eternity

Quickening Rush Sinks The Soul

Tunneling Escape Into Thought

Desperately Needing The Tap

Immediate Reaction Of Rush

Just A Beginning And An End

Trying To Breath Air And Relax

Quickening Down To Realize

Feeling Of The Needles Calling Out

Spilling Of The Dose Notice The Life Lost

Don't Begin To Try And See

It All

What Kind Of Real Life Rush Does That?

Steal And Thieve For Rush Beyond

Never Again But Still Does It

Why Don't You Begin

To See It

When Will You Begin To Realize That

Stinging, Surging, Sticking, Urging

Sharing Of Needles As The Flow Hole Begins

Swelling Closed

Wounds To Be Nursed As Like Feeding Young Vultures Of Hunger

Fingernails Dig Into The Palms

Laughter Ranges

Into Prisms

Musical Sight Sways In Depth

Unclenching Loss Of Movement Strays

For Three Seconds Your God And Don't Give A


Open Sky You Must Die Take Down The Sun

Down On The Streets Of Shit We Eat Shit

Nothing Left Except The Many Who

Don't Give A Fuck

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