Soilent Green

Soilent Green - Looking Through Nails lyrics

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inquisitor of a blind way...

sitting on a thin line

leaning from side to side...

crawling into a mold

when good made evil...

thought that speaks of the future

a dream lodged in the present

this social obscurity...

this nature of seclusion

lying beneath mud

the contradictory thought...

a contradictory action

the words of ancient minds

a textbook left unopen... a story untold

about murders to unfold

run away from your dreams

give up this great ecstasy

this entire swarm of nothing

infect a breed of insects

to plague all of man

knife in hand... lambs await

the wolf in sheep's clothing

bound in primitive mating

this rabid lust for meat

the sky delays the light

face down in the dirt... only written in loss

the stinging of a cut

inside awaits the answer... the truth inside

symapthetic aggressor

ideas prone to your weak... fall to knees

made to think of murder

the blood every drop... on his hands

these fresh pages...

only to be dirtied by filthy writing

an injected pen to disease

its layers uprooted

to feed the minds of the past

these scars on his palms filled with dirt

a will of remorse for this unforgiven bliss

sentence of denial

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