Soilent Green

Soilent Green - Later Days

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You said you didn't love me (a lie)

You said you didn't care (my lie)

I've spent an eternity destroying this (to myself)

As if you weren't there (til I die)

I've lost this taste of inner rage

A question overlooked from this day-to-day

Now this time is running low, had to give it away

Lost this sight, bring it back to life

Another wasted second to burn myself inside

Feel all rebuilding to make you repeat it all

One more dose, another sip

A few pills at the most

Breaking this silence

Of this secure nature

Not enough rest

Wondering as you sit and question what went wrong

Never once offered sanctuary to a truthful cause

Stop repeating a fault; an apology will end for now

Slipping into this un-animated world of dizziness

An empty representation of thought, mistreated wisdom

Twisted lips speak in vain, for a purpose put to shame

A double-edged purpose slaying everyone but yourself

Time is of the essence...patience a blur

A swarm of thoughts, can't catch a one

Left empty-minded

Sitting in these eyes of guilt, outraged

This barrier for what remains

Take the disadvantage, a fraction of this life

Kept close with loss of most

These lips of misfortune, kissed one to many times

Taste the truth...the pain

I've had to gain

Planning daily...getting nothing done

Open the hands of a mind-clasped identity

Taste the bitter blood on these lips

Taste the betrayal of your unfaithful kiss

A hindered growth with a grasping head spin

It will leave one bottled up with a fifth of sin

To live inside these walls till the day I die

Totally confined to love held close inside

Damned to tradition

Flawless untold superstition

Trying to find salvation

An escape from evolution

Words on top of words

Towering fortress of this inaction

These cycles of distrust

This disease that breeds disgust

Another for old times sake

Fell behind in the pack

No chances, no patience

Obedience in a mental fraction

An example of excuse

The virgin behind logic

Intimidate this full restraint

Sink into a lurid thought

God is dead, love is dead

Dark thoughts of this un-compassion

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