Soilent Green

Soilent Green - Last One In The Noose lyrics

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Spread this love of shame

Forgotten realm of the hypocrite reign

Honesty...the code to reload

Aim the gun at the sin taker

A new trait carrier

Pass the sin on

All virtues denounced

The word sin re-pronounced

The meaning of a way of life

Compassion filled lies to teach another in un-divine shame

Break a silent mode

Preach the breakdown laws

Moral codes to whores

Exist or be a tool for the new rule

Just a blank faced reject

This mouth shouts war...lies!

Mouth full of words, nothing to say

Not a fucking thing

This target of disrespect, crawling down a stairway of sweat

Self-tolerance, a skill to learn

Forgive never forget

Witnessing all that one could

You should have been the first to go

Sarcastic phrases bending on tongues

Spoken tone of encouragement

A spreading colony of disarray

Unfaithful leaders...bending laws

Do it different

Again, in the same sequence

Another drastic measure

Another lost cause

A lying smile to comfort

Soothing unpredicted downfall

Held close, non-reassurance

Couldn't even trust your parents

Word swapping like politicians

Hatred speaks louder than all

Maybe it's something more inside

With yourself, problem solved

Slit your wrist, save us all

From your two-faced race

Can't have your way

It's all the same, everyday

Lick your wounds and obey

Struggling to breath

Noose tight, last choke

Take a possible last breath

Be the tyrant, the king

The one who makes the change

The trendsetter forever

The taste of all un-truths

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