Soilent Green

Soilent Green - Her Unsober Ways lyrics

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a child kneeling facing the corner

her somber dialect exposed

a rape enclosed innocence

will she ever feel the same?

a touch of battery and deviance

the sweat of sex urges more

drug-induced hormone a penalty

stupid mistakes made-

ignorant mistakes others make

picking scabs from fresh scars

making newer pain

this youth's thought twisted

with aggravation

she's punished...

they're to blame

sitting naked on the cold floor...

not knowing why

hold her hand through rape

she has grown to dominate

twist the minds of men

leeching off other's unjest fate

misuse to gain an easy taste

too drastic for space to conceive

tendencies of emotion pushed aside

to drown in depression

circle lapping in here head

orgasm for her pain

moving on... no regrets

these promises she can't keep

no room for expectations

sightless brain

hands of filth disobey...

actions that betray

a nakedness not to touch...

too much time for her


compromise this action

breathless kiss...

her hair in knots

inside-out and backwards

she puts her dress on

underwear still wrapped

around her legs

weakness overridden by temptations

beauty creates the ugliness of lust

urge of rejection i

n patterns of caressing

running fingers

over frost-ridden emotion

this blocked-out...

a dirty man's thoughtpleasure the price

not ungenerous...

being asked she resents

quit wanting and she'll give

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