Soilent Green

Soilent Green - Hand Me Downs lyrics

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The unfortunate disposal of this unwanted advice

An exhausted symbol in clarity through words

Following a heart beneath a mind of wrong and rights

Take a strong insight

Respect is a diseased logic thrown to the wind

A plotting thought that will destroy all mankind

Yell until your head stops spinning

Speak about an idea that will cease to exist

Pass on this forgotten

Tradition in morals

An heirloom of time

Stands more ground than vice

Speechless phrases of an exhausted tale

Myth of a galactic proportion

Misunderstood overload of rumors

Legions of disciples pointing fingers

Judgment of contradiction to forever blind

A change for better or in worse

Plagiarizing from these books of life

Might be doing what you thought was right

Could be finding out it might be wrong

Genetic remaster of the twilight zone

Enemy...inside...a word...a lie

An older generation felt their young should have more

A breed sense of selfishness

To stand a smart ground, to stand a ground at all

To costly for a human fear

The little points in time

That seems like an eternity

One moment of touch

A taste of sexual retreat

To numb a senseless anxiety

An outgrown stage in life

Never quite caught on

Plagued by guilt and loyalty

Lift the soul

Into this orgasm of a lost variety

Sexual discharge of past anxiety

Anger at peak

This landscape to old for time to change

Generation X, the unexplained

Praising heroes with hidden pasts

You thought that this was good

Only if you knew the truth

Would it change the outlook?

Your first time love To much left unfinished

Just another chance

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