Soilent Green

Soilent Green - Emptiness Found lyrics

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a cycle reborn and abused

pry into subconcious pain

find these fearful solutions

pride wears a mask of ignorance

speak these simple words of balance

losing tolerance... don't stutter a word

a kiss... a touch... a knife... my blood

progression... regression...

pressed for your time

my moves are silent

as i break through loses

i sat and looked and lost the days

no simple answers...

lend a spare hand

i'll leave behind

the darkened idea inside

a plague of neglect

to my brothers of the past

the struggle for delirium

a small white padded room

a cross-breed instinct

symptoms of a youth alone

left behind a soul-less behind

criminal in the eyes of all

slap to the face... for disgrace

a father's pride... fullfill this dream

i hate pride... not a part of my dreams

tension builds... idols destroyed

this instinct... release of all

glorify pain... for self high

hands of time... patient stride

teach others more... personal gain

these lovely thoughts

coated in silky sickness

a depressive contraceptive

for my actions

my body and mind stronger

at youngest point of life

let this tenderness i have

fall in flames

no release... grip... hold tight

the warm kiss of sensual delight

touch this smile...

the locked-down love

chained deep inside

a mistrust faith... i can't relate

lately i can't tolerate

repress myself... kept my mouth shut

no longer will i pain myself

i've got something inside

that i'll never hide

no drug-induced thought

not even an unsober word

my actions are pure...

make my discipline heard

i've lied here for the longest time

now is the time, make a stand

i push too hard, nothing too lose

will not get out... stand-off

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