Soilent Green

Soilent Green - Daydreaming The Color Of Blood

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The cornerstone of a drowning honest man

Paranoia builds this foundation of life

Forever 'til a change of times

They've killed the devil with undying affection

As he spoke with peaceful phrases before his dying breath

An unattained peace within his self before this death

For a handful of misbelievers of a no man's faith

When good made evil

Alarms triggering, in the back of your mind

Cracks streamline the walls of an empty skull

Prying into the sky

Behold, a circumstance untold of misconceptions

That lead to contradictions

Hi-fidelity of wrong proportions

That spiral into white noise

All obedience disruled...through a visual trap

Cast your stones...closet of skeletons

One to many broken bones

Hiding lies

A costly fear

Question all

Question its reason

An ecstasy you didn't empty for you

This glimpse of terror

A sight so unsound

An ecstasy you didn't reach

A blind reflection...the real world

The furthest one has been

All this time is wasted

Standing on these actions

A quick jolt to reality

These mind terrorist invading a black sand beach

Extinguish a scene of this unleveled conflict

This lapse in time

Turn the page of life

This blame for pain

Been left behind

You acted like things never happen

A stab with simple little phrases

This action of serpent words

It's now your fear they're tasting

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