Soilent Green

Soilent Green - Clockwork Of Innocence lyrics

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Words never spoken

About any situation

Too damn afraid to speak

Can't get a simple response

A flared temper

Broken furniture

Patience worn thin

Only if you knew

Love was just a word with nothing felt

In these times that one heard it spoken

From day one ' learn

Or it was beaten into you

No matter, you learn

Everything relearned for a new life

The one after the death of childhood

No time to adjust

Drunken fights and rages of these cruel beatings

Misused mother of three

Kneeling down on her knees

Progressing away from an expression of the soul

Hidden writings of an abused child

Untouched words breed a scar

A diary of an innocent mind

Decipher these words, a mixed paraphrase catastrophe

This meaning mismatched

The feeling of rejection

A world held together by no moral regrets

Rehealing already healed words

Wanting an inner peace

Can't understand this injustice of a small child's release

All that you know

Do only as your told

Growing up an abused child, loveless soul

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