Soilent Green

Soilent Green - Build Fear lyrics

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everything is alone and dying

a pariah even among demons

crawling down the devil's throat

i'll make cruel of your brain

lewd courage... weak emotion

blind to this part of mind

strongest point of raw fright

fear of guilt... express dread

is this sickness there

or has it already spread

lump in the throat... heart in hand

odius to the soul...

offer your prayers

breaking down strong esteem

jaws numbed shut

eyes wide with fright

you stared at me

tension builds... gritting teeth

induce this reaction...

picking up the pendulum

slit your wrist...

lying in your pooled blood

cleansed in mortal tarnish

suicide is not escape

only a weak retreat

this backbone of your inner cracked

stick to death by this sick touch

infinity of my retribution

manifests this hate

for your execution

this backbone of your inner cracked

nothing more repulsive

than a pathetic man

misgiven dusk the path to greet

seizing all ripe memories

stomach twists into hatred

sticken to death by this touch

ripping the soul from inside

glowing bright with endowed gloom

naive awareness... without sound

a shame your courage

lies in my handssheer black fright

a fountain sealed

i'll break your pride down into pain

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