Soilent Green

Soilent Green - Branding Of Thieves lyrics

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Inflict, Reflect

The Stinging Bite Upon A Person

For Wrongdoing Of Any Sort

Unjust Rulings

Bending The Knee

Looking The Other


Simple Slap On Hand

Corrupt People Trailing Innocent

Stricter Terms Made

Obey The Law

Accused, An Eye For An Eye

To Be Marked, A Means For Protecting

Reason In Everything

Except In The Wrong

Corrective Treatment Ineffective And Viewed


Do The Deed, Pay The Price, More Than Once, Time To Die

Worthless Law Of Punishment

Unstrict Regulations For

Easy Leave

Rules Of Procedure Strictly Observed

Torture With A Sting Reflects On Others

Electrocution Shown Publicly To Keep


Such Horrendous Acts Shown Should Sterilize Society

Chastise, To Teach Others Suffering

Defile, Rights Unexist In Mistake

Execute, Excruciating Infliction

Sympathy, Unjust For Compassion

Marked, Offense To Be Noticed

Reflect, Nature Of The Crime

Thieves And Whores Are Branded

Those Around Question Acts At Hand

Lethal Tasks Vigorously Laid For Penalty The Only Way To

Punish For All The Wrong

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