Snuff - Take Me Home (Piss Off)

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I know it's gone half one, by now we've missed the tubes home, night bus won't take me there.

Can't fly the pilot's pissed, can't walk the ground flies up and hits me.

Best scrape me into a cab and take me home.

I need my charpoi.

Some big cheese all gone sour, enough love to knock a rhino sideways,

got shoved under a bus, some big Hollywood ending,

Bruce Willis shoots them all and gets the girl.

No guns, no girl, somehow i've wound up in Neasden.

So take me home, take me home.

I've had more than i can take for one night.

One i closed i can nearly focus.

Take me home, take me home.

I've had all that i can take today.

It's all ringing in my ears, take me home.

Don't ask i'll tell you, don't ask I'll say the same things over until i'm pissing you off.

Scrape me off the walls, chuck me in a bag, drag me past the bouncers, shove me into a cab and take me home.

<font size=1>Thanks to <b>maia (mr_jiggly)</b> for these lyrics</font>

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