Skeeter Davis

Skeeter Davis - Rachel

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(Skeeter Davis)

Rachel, Rachel, that's the name you kept callin'

Last night while you were asleep

I kissed you and woke you and you hugged me tightly

And said you were having a dream

I teased you and asked you now who is this Rachel

You said I imagined the name

But I knew as soon as I asked you the question

That I'd hear of Rachel again.

I've noticed lately while you sleep you've been smilin'

And you've never done this before

And I've noticed lately and I just can't help but wonder

Why I never smile anymore

Well, I guess a woman has some way of knowin'

When her man don't feel quiet the same

Some other woman is making you smile now

While you slept you told me her name.

Now you lie here sleepin', I lie here cryin'

I love you I can't set you free

You're smilin' and dreamin' that you're with your Rachel

But you'll die in your sleep holdin' me

And I'll die wondering who's Rachel...

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