Six Feet Under

Six Feet Under - Waiting For Decay lyrics

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Fear of dying

Unknown ending

Bloody - coagulating

Out through yur hollow bones

Emptied of your weakened soul

Pus ejected out the pores

Hatched chopped her into bits

Playing with her severed tits

Sucking out the bloodied milk

Waiting for decay waiting

Strapped to the table

My tools are sharpened

Never-ending violent killings

Young and helpless

Unborn tortured - knives stuck in her

Cut up and fucked

Cold inside

Blood explodes from every hole

I hear you now screaming

My work just beginning

waiting for decay

Out of leg twitching

But the body's not moving

Those I hunt are

Rotting in the grave and

Crippled and broken

Weeks left decaying

Dead unburried

I open up the coffin

No it don't disgust me

It gets me hard

I ejaculate - on the corpse

Another whore to torture and butcher

To molest after death

I'm just waiting for decay

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