Six Feet Under

Six Feet Under - My Hatred lyrics

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I only kill when I can't keep them four days and then I sleep them-

To the grave that's right bitch, uh huh

You ll know I'm there when I follow turn around I'm behind you

I'm in the shadows close, so close I've almost got you

Doomed to the end dead from the beginning

That's right hear what the fuck I'm saying

I can't think straight I'm gonna break, break down

You can't escape you re gonna die slow now

It's all a part of my master plan

Everyone ends up dead in the end

Hell yeah

What the fuck you gonna do now, huh?- pray to a God that isn't there? No

Fall to your knees and die for me- I have the cure for your Christian disease

I live this life to kill, homicidal

And now you lie dead with your Bible

Choke on your fucking cross motherfucker

I hope your soul is lost forever

Nothing will change in me- nothing will ever change

Nothing will change in you- nothing will ever change

We re surviving on hatred, we re surviving on hate

Nothing will ever change my hatred

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