Six Feet Under

Six Feet Under - Knife Gun Axe lyrics

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Time again to die a slow death

Now take that last breath

Sounds of bones crack

Better make your way to the exit real fast

I'll escape my thoughts of pain, through death

Pull the trigger the gun's put to your head

Flash a white light before you die

A murder made to look like a suicide

Knife through your gut

Now die you fucking slut

Punctured lung, a gouged out throat

I hope in hell you fucking rot

Suicide or was it murder?

Open wide and eat my shit How's it taste you little bitch?

Die by knife, gun or axe

Ripped to shreds - shot, cut in half

I spit on your bones

Piss in the hole in your head

Suicide or was it murder?

Cut off your faces

Turned your back - now breaking

Eyes long blind - shut, stabbed out

Burn in hell and fucking rot

Knife to the gut

Gun to the head

Axe to the neck


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