Showbread - Where We Begin And I End lyrics

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Is it time that I said some things that I've been meaning to say? I gather up the words, and I can't seem to gather up a way it's just that I hoped there would be something more when I think of us, and when I think of what's in store so what if I just asked you, why is it so hard for you to say you're mine? And times going by so fast now I could drive around this world for years but if I keep you in my heart, would you keep me in yours? cause it's just so hard for me to pretend like I don't see my outstretched hands around you and the tears rolling down your back I guess that you will, go to find yourself in time and throw away what's yours and mine I wish you knew everything was already here but I guess you can throw it away, I guess you'll just throw it away But I won't give up on you now So I guess you will go to college and I guess I'll go on tour is that it? is that all you wanted for us? because I want so much more and I know that you love me and I know that we were meant to be

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