Showbread - The Vulture lyrics

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I keep clawing at my ears and they keep ringing

I keep filling them with dirt and still they go on singing

Where are you going, where have you been?

The voice, it wants to leap from me or take me from within

But I am not a robot and I am not a slave

I will not lick the feet of it that begs me to behave

I wrap the sound in silence until it cannot breathe

And trade the singing in for something horrible that suits me

Because I am my own, because I will decide

To pry apart the hinges that keep me blank and waiting on the outside

It's easy to hear this voice

It's easy to turn it off

It's easy to make this choice

It's easy to turn yourself off

I am becoming something that I need to be

To bury this ringing in something deep and dark inside me

And in it's place I hear a whisper powerful and new

Singing sweetly in my ear

"Do whatever you want to"

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