Showbread - The Sky lyrics

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In the beginning there was black, and now there's me

I bend the neck until it cracks and suck the open bleed

I rise up above the spit with talons brightly bared

And hew the children into two, I simply do not care

I am, I am

Open up now world, I have arrived and now you crack

I will break my knuckles, split your teeth and crush the ugly rats

Lay before me world, I will not hide within your womb

I peel my bones against your rocks and seal them in your tomb

My ears are popping

Close your mouth, I know the way

Whisper to me children

Be still and watch me fade away

I drench the dirt with my spit

You swim in it's river

The way out is up

I watch you shiver

I am the arctic fingers wrapping around your neck

There is nothing to stop me now no fear and no regret

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