Showbread - The Pursuit Of Happiness lyrics

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The promise of forever, the lie of mortal flesh and blood the song of Solomon singed by the emotionally stunted heart of deception how hard is it to make up your mind? I love you, I need you only you forever Then I peel these pages on the calendar off the skin on my chest is the quest for information providing the experience and the wisdom? and the ability to say that something is all right? I spell your name with my incision in your embrace Opening a heart seems to be an easy thing still I'm drowning in the memories that make my spirit sing so why are you out of reach? when your lips are just out of reach and your arms are just out of reach and your heart is just out of reach why are you just out of reach? Is there any kind of genuine feeling of the fairy tale? soiled by our American idealism these pages that describe my heart I'm longing for you to mirror me, but you'll just leave again if I'd look up to the stars it will be intoxicating and if I'd find the strength to say: "Life is not short, life is so long, life is so very long" instill in me divine presence of everlasting freedom Because I love you, and I need you only you forever The beauty screaming up my spinal column The aching for a return stinging my central nervous system I spell your name with my incision and your eyes wonder to someone else one thousand times

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