Showbread - The Journey (anorexia) lyrics

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The world is big and empty

With tentacles and a mouth

The world is in my body

I'll tear the world out

The mouth yawns open

The mouth never sleeps

The mouth never closes

So I pull out it's teeth

I am lost inside the mouth

I am lost

The world is big and barren

Mostly dying, mostly withered away

Yet with enough machines, it operates

Beeps and buzzes, archs it's treads

Spreads it's legs for me, tilts back it's head

The thing twists it's coils, grinds at the guts

Tightens up around me, forces my heart shut

I am crushed between the teeth

Crushed between the teeth

I will be remembered

You will be forgotten

I will be revered

You will be misplaced

I will crush the world's head

You will drink it's urine

I will be honored

You will be disgraced

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