Showbread - The Dirt (n) lyrics

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I want to open up my guts

And crawl inside to make a home

And nestle up inside the steaming softness silent and alone

I want to pull apart the things you think that matter

Cause to me nothing is everything, just a vacant listless clatter

And I bury myself underneath myself

I will not reach or call for help

I want to do this on my own I want to feel it in my bones

I want to know the ugliness that wraps around me

So I open wide and die inside

Forget the things the world said I could be

There's nothing for me

Nothing I want to be

And I am nothing now and free

The nothing's in love with me

Don't you think it's funny how the dirt just piles up on me?

And I'm being crushed but baby hush

You know it doesn't matter very much

To know the nastiness and roll around in piles of this

And yawn into the stinking hiss then close it tightly in my fists

When I am gone I'll leave no bones, no dust, no death, no love, no home

Just emptiness and all of this is nothing nothing nothing, I'm alone

So wave goodbye and close your eyes and never take off your disguise

The world is ugly when you take it off, go on and live your life

And leave me lying here the world will never shed a tear

For idiots who die like us and never ever know something that's real

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