Showbread - Of Love And Rain lyrics

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I close my eyes and i see you wrapped in a sheet of sleep, as everyone's eyes age, your deep blue remains untouched, an angel's finger tips touch the surface, an ocean of the bluest saline, having some trouble trying not to feel so broken hearted, i'll give my sorrow wings so that it will fly away from me, but the sky will be so jealous of your eyes, i'll give my misery sails so that the wind will carry it away, but the ocean will be so jealous of your eyes, this time we have found each other, i was looking for you when i got lost... as you wet my lips with yours the sun rolls in, everything has become so bright that i cannot even see, to find your hand, so that you can not leave, winter whispers up my back, and swirls over your stomach, my heart racing like it was two years ago, i'd give up with one touch and melt into you forever, having some trouble trying not to feel so alone without you, i'll wrap my arms around you rest my head on your shoulder, and wet your back with my tears, can't seem to find a way to be happy, your kiss comes to me again like it never left, like my paralysis slips away at the touch of your lips, because i've never felt, until i felt you, i close my eyes and see us wrapped in a sheet of sleep, to be yours and to have you forever, letting go of so much and holding on to so little, i make you a promise and open my hand, i can wait for you to reach for me, as i wet the ground with my tears

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