Showbread - Lost Connection With The Head lyrics

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Oh Lord I'm sick of myself<br />

I'd rather bury it than carry it<br />

I'm desperate for help<br />

And barely sentient means just being me<br />

Follow suit the destitute my modus operandi<br />

A face that's marked by pallor means you're wasting away<br />

So get a tan and raise your hands and take to feeling okay<br />

No one enjoys the party when they're stricken with anemia<br />

And I'm a shallow sinking surface simply screaming septicemia<br />

<br />

Peace of mind is hard to find<br />

So I'm standing in line and feeling fine<br />

<br />

Aye me, sad hours seem long! <br />

And even longer when you're numb<br />

Fading away and that's okay<br />

Cause life has me under her thumb<br />

<br />

I'm languorously open ended<br />

And the endings no good<br />

I've been told to break the mold and I would if I could<br />

But apathy is easier than caring at all<br />

And the undulating nothingness means having a ball<br />

Incredibly impressive and bereft of concern<br />

Lobotomized and optimized and then I'm ready to burn<br />

And I'm at war within myself and self is winning the fight<br />

Cause feeling like no one at all means feeling alright<br />

<br />

Sense of purpose has got me feeling worthless<br />

And I'm fading away, but that's okay<br />

<br />

Oh yeah, all right<br />

I'm in a big fat cage and feeling free<br />

That's okay, that's all right<br />

Cause that's all that's left of me<br />

<br />

Goodbye, goodnight<br />

That's all that's left of me</

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