Showbread - Letters To April lyrics

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If I start writing you a letter tonight I'll be writing for hours It doesn't seem like I can say anything Unless it's everything. If it could ever find its way to an envelope It won't find its way to you You're a million miles away. It always seemed that way when You weren't at arms length There were some things that I wanted to tell you And wanted to say But I couldn't find you And I couldn't find a way So how in the world did everything go wrong? I won't fall asleep tonight As hard as I look I won't find you in my arms I was almost sure you were supposed to be there I locked you inside of my chest Two years ago And I'm not letting you out. I just thought that you should know. All the things I thought were everything I'm scared weren't anything. Separation is such a relentless ache The thoughts of you streaming Each one more beautiful than the one before And I'm asking myself How could I've been better for you? Listening for your voice To break the silence that goes on forever I'm not sure I told you enough You're the most beautiful thing I've ever seen I'm sure if I look hard enough I'll find you pressed against me in my arms, Lips on your neck, You're voice Promising me that you'll always love me PS I'll always love you and I'm scared of hurting you.

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