Showbread - If You Like Me Check Yes, If You Don'T I'Ll Die lyrics

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The love letters that lead to bliss,

Embracing, youthful, love's first kiss,

Stops after school, the parents fooled,

Thinking they'll be home so soon,

She waits for him in parking lots and hallways everyday,

He smiles anticipating, thinking of the words to say.

Then it begins this absurd parade,

Such an unproductive way to behave,

The accusations are unending,

Tiring, no more listening,

I wish I never saw his name written on your notebook,

I wish I didn't break my neck to take another look,

I wish I never held your hand, I wish I never knew your name,

Or I just wish that from the day we met nothing ever, ever changed,

Then you put your hands on my face,

Pink roses and red valentine lace,

You're dancing like hot dripping wax,

Like your fingertips running up my back,

The truest parts of the feeling within skinned by insecurities in him,

will no longer retort to the truth,

This half-decade charace *charade* of wasted youth.

Yeah, yeah I'm dying.

Please don't say the words he screams, Please don't let me go,

Please don't cut me up again just to turn and go,

How many ways can I say I care?

Run my fingers through your silky hair,

Look up and see the pale skin of your back as you walk away again,

Look up and see the pale skin of your back as you walk away,

The ring's been set in the shape of her finger,

Still on and off the torment that lingers,

Going through and falling again,

Where are we going? Where have we been?

It's so much simpler then we make it,

Fearing the other one can fake it,

Tears and sweat and lips again,

I wonder if she'll stay with him,

The words we share are nothing short of inspired,

I love you's and I miss you's across a telephone wire,

She says she never thinks of another,

I wonder if she's a liar.

Thanks to Cela Est Charman for these lyrics

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