Showbread - I Am A Machine Gun lyrics

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It turns my stomach every night like scattering bats in disrupted flight the idea of ideas and tired points to pierce the skin little children lining up and losing all of their time Losing all their time I don't have the time for my own lifetime when you blink my stay here is over batting those long eyelashes, baby save yourself the trouble And separate from this strangling cable I have won victory over death won like an automatic weapon fingers itching, itching for my trigger I am a firearm, a machine gun Walk this tired planet, make sand castles in the tide I am not my own, so I will not call this place my home I do not belong to me, and I do not have a care to see my hands reaching out for wind, like you're reaching out for wind Counting the days, counting the scars counting the miles to get this far and looking back at nothing, looking back at nothing and I turn to look up at your flags laughing thinking of how sad it is to see you capture butterflies in mason jars I rip my rib cage open and proclaim, I belong to Christ

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