Showbread - Goodbye Is Forever lyrics

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Today i'll give up on you, cause holding on to hope is something that seems hard to do. nowadays hopelessness and i make a great team, we see eye to eye. and this never ending cycle makes me sick. it's what i've come to in this place, and i am what makes it. it's getting harder to find the strength to go on, when all the hope that linked us once and lived in me is gone. my God, oh God, i feel like i've died at least a thousand times. and hopelessness is all that's real and all that is mine. my insides feel so hollow as i gaze out of the car window, the scenery could be moving or could be standing still. what's the point in you or me, or anyone or anything? all that this could mean to me... i'm feeling tired and i'm ready to sleep. it seems so surreal to think of now, your love and those days seemed never ending. it breaks me to think of now, all this must end and won't have a new beginning. one last thing before i go, is it safe to say that i'll always know, happiness can't belong to me, and i can't let go... i give up. once a memory was you in my arms, and a cold winters day. once i knew i'd be all right. now there's nothing left to say.

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