Showbread - George Romero Will Be At Our Wedding lyrics

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I was looking for you when I first heard the sirens

The ambulances filled the streets

The masses screamed and called for help

You were no where next to me

The soldiers came to round up the living

And take them away to somewhere that’s safe

But if I cant find you there’s no place to save me

If you are gone then its too late

Night turns to dawn, and dawn into day

And the land overflows with the dead

Where did I last hold you in my arms?

What was the last thing that you said?

Some hide underground, others hide in a mall

I still drag myself through the streets

I life without love my love isn’t a life to me

I don’t believe that love can rot away

So first aim for the heart, then aim for the head

I wept bitterly and then I threw up

Something silver washed up in my lap

This metal thing, your wedding ring

Brought all of the memories back

I remember the bite, and breaking my teeth

I remember choking it down

Eating your fingers one at a time

I left most of you there on the ground

And it’s there that I find you, just as you were left

Writhing you rise to your feet

You come back to my side with very few insides

They’re still strewn about on the street

I have heard it said that love endures all things

And now I know that its true

Stronger than the grave, death cant put it out

Here I am, the walking dead, still next to you

I don’t believe that love can rot away

So first aim for the heart then aim for the head

If true love last forever, then love doesn’t die

It just becomes the living dead

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