Showbread - Diary Of A Failure lyrics

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Welcome to a dead end, a wall stronger than you could ever imagine, a breeze of things remembered only cuts like the desperation, that gasps and gives up, there is nowhere left to go, and nothing left to lose, we let ourselves inside become one disgusting skin, closer than ever before, held tighter when i release, i taste the saline, and you cut my throat, what a fantastic self portrait, painted with nativity and blind hope with no vertebrae, when i look to the canvas through an honest fog, it is blank and empty like the inside of me, i have bled all that i can, stupid girl, you cut my throat and watched it run down, crimson trails finding their way down my neck, beautiful lady, don't let me go tonight, we can go to sleep forever, we can go to sleep forever, we are one person, we are, we are, one person, and this story wrote itself, when one tear rolls down my cheek, i'll look to you alone and i will seek, a completion this life cannot offer me, and rest in your arms where i long to be, if you are not too ashamed of me, if you are not too ashamed of me, i have not met one expectation worth meeting, i've disappointed, i let her down, i let you down, i let me down, i failed

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