Showbread - Cry For Help lyrics

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Razor blades and a bottle of pills won't make me change the way that I feel When life gave up on me, I just gave up on life it spills over your lips and wraps around me like a gift in fear of temporary placement, on the table we made with the letters we wrote, you are everything so hold on to me, like I hold on to you I won't learn from my mistakes this time making the same ones in different years There's no way out, no way out, no way out no way out, no way out, no way out, no way out, no way out if I could think of something better than this to say I'd tell you a story about my princess or a fairy tale about happiness that lasts, but your beauty was never make believe This is not rock and roll, someone please help me Every time I said it, I felt it every time I didn't say it, I still felt it you are a seal I place on my chest and arm I'd give you my circle if you'd take it from me and make a promise to me you still have my promise if I fade away so place me like a seal on you're chest and arm You love to lie to me, I live to love your lies, I live to love you still, I love to live to die

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