SHAGGY - We Are The Ones lyrics

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SHAGGY Says Now whether yah come yawd or abrawd Gottah let yah know The world is one big yawd So let the leaders of the world know _____________ Back yawd a frawd Just give thanks to the lawd An protect we yawd Verse 1 - SHAGGY No one stops to smell the roses There's just too much goin' on Wish we'd only stop to notice That the writings on the waaall I can hear the people talkin' They're longin' for dem olden days We can choose the path we're walkin' If we would only change our waaaays CHORUS SHAGGY Starts We are the ones who make this world whole again We are the ones who make this world a home again Repeat Above We are the ones Verse 2 - SHAGGY Easily we point the fingah Always someone else to blame, yeaah You can't be always be a winner That's the nature of the gaaame One by one we'll mek a difference There's no effort dats too small Let's decide to go the distance And change the writing on the waaaalll. CHORUS BRIDGE Have to stand up and rise against all them to get all the way to the end SHAGGY We are the ones RikRok Out of one we are many, my friend, ah unity, I am onna defend SHAGGY We are the ones RR We are the ones we have to set the trend, you better listen to the message we send SHAGGY We are the ones RR It's such a waste no bodda pretend so if we make this world a home again (?!?!) SHAGGY CHORUS - 2 X's CLOSE - SHAGGY says Gotta let'em know, nah ah mean We dah only ones who can save the world, yah know Ugh Save if from global warming, yah dig dat Peace, Love Protect all, yah know ah mean Remember dat deh world is one big yawd One time SHAGGY Scawpion One time Big up Ugh We are dah ones baby

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