SHAGGY - Soldiers Story Feat Jaiden lyrics

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Pre Verse:

I'll be there with you

oh baby I'll be there

no matter how far away ooh

I'll be there

Verse 1:

eyes wide to the ceiling

suddenly i awake from daydreaming

Find myself overwhelmed by this feel try to... search for spiritual healing

now when they look for where to come from

no money no future no function

everywhere that I look another last one,

with a mask on every youth is a man's man

yeah i give a kiss to my girlfriend

now i gotta do it right by the..

'cause of her that they need a few good men

dry your tears friend I'll be back just dont know when



but if you'll wait for me

just you wait and see

I'll be there, I'll be there

if you pray for me darling wait and see

I'll be there, I'll be there

Verse 2:

i found a perfect opportunity

don't you think i came to this decision easily

every day i wait for you is an eterneity

wish that i could be there to witness your maternity

yo, i didn't plan on staying so long

to appear in this ..stay strong

to the left and the right we hear the same song

hope i ain't drunk

try to get my paper chase on, yo

at times i find myself in danger

in the process i became a stranger

no i find I'm living in the age of something major

and my life is what they wage ya



Verse 3:

... i'm awake...feel it

best believe it

everyday i try to find a way to leave it

there's so much on my plate now to deal with

young minds in the place find a way to relieve it

now souls are the victims of surroundings

what they do to survive is just astounding

....circumstance of founding, get to crowning

ain't no other opportunity



Thanks to Eleanor RoseH for correcting these lyrics

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