SHAGGY - Joy You Bring

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Chorus For every day and every moment (Wah, Wah) For every smile and every dream (Every smile and dream) I'll paint you a rainbow (Uh, a big rainbow) For all the joy you bring (All the joy you bring) I'll buy you a mountain (A nice mountain girl) And I'll buy you a stream (Wah, uh) - Ante Says 'cry' instead of 'buy' I'll give you a river (say wah, say wah) To show what you mean to me (Uh, uh) SHAGGY I don't wanna sound cheesy But I realize that lovin' you is very easy Playin' in the summer sun warm and breezy Never talkin' sleezy oh but I love it when you give me that look ooh you lookin' so teasy - Ante says 'Not at all sleezy...' Woman you are the fire in my life and it's pleasing (??) - Ante says 'freezing' instead of 'pleasing' Living like the Jefferson's George and Weezy If I am queasy, girl you're always on my mind in the darkest of times when I'm needy Can't get enough of you woman I'm greedy Sinking in the ocean of your love and I'm heeding Y'am conceding - Ante says 'I am conceding' And I wanna show you what you mean to me Chorus SHAGGY You know you have a shoulder for sighin' on, crying on - Ante says '...shoulder you can sigh on...' When you need your love you know it's SHAGGY ya' relyin' on - Ante says 'you're relyin on' Under the wings of your love that you're flyin' on You mean the world to me Cause I been with many girls and I never saw the benefit Now I got the love I want and by any means I'm keepin' it Bonafide love and I'm fallin' very deep in it I want the world to see Chorus (Now here instead of 'nice mountain' he says 'lovely mountain' and the next time the chorus comes up as well.) SHAGGY You're the air that I breathe, you're all that I need Tell me baby can you feel me When this life takes a toll, you're my heart and soul Tell me baby can you, can you feel me (Repeat above) Chorus Here

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