SHAGGY - It Wasn't Me (Remix) lyrics

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(feat. Richard Ducent, Nucci, Wiz Dinero)


Shaggy, Cartel remix

Nucci Rayo

Now picture this I'm bucknaked on the bathroom floor

Hittin' Aaliyah raw, Henney-ed up, Mya seen it all

Same reason Kim and Foxy ain't speakin' no more

And why Britney and Christina didn't speak at the awards

Keys in the door, I heard a noise

I didn't get up

Next thing you know Destiny's Child split up

But yo I'm Cris-ed up, got Monica in Miami

Soon as Kobe get married

I'll be back with Brandy


How you fe hav yuh woman nex' a yuh villa?

Trepass and a witness up inna 'you pilla

Yuh betta watch your back before she turn into a killa

Interview the situation or she call the gleaner

To be a true playa you fe know how fe play

If she say a nite, convince her seh a day

Never admit to a word wat she say

And if she claim a yuh, tell her, baby no way

[1] - [Nucci (Shaggy)]

Yo but she caught me on the counter

(It wasn't me)

Saw me banging on the sofa

(It wasn't me)

I even had her in the shower

(It wasn't me)

I even had her in the Range Rover

(It wasn't me)

She saw the marks on my should

(It wasn't me)

And here's the words that I told her

(It wasn't me)

She heard the screams gettin' louder

(It wasn't me)

She stayed until it was over

[2] - [Richard "Rikrok" Ducent]

Honey came in and she caught me redhanded

Creepin' with the girl next door

Picture this, we were both buck naked

Banging on the bathroom floor


Mek she know seh, dat she neva hav' no right fe vex

A never yuh seh see, a mek the gigalo flex

A somebody else whey favor yuh in de complex

See is believing so yuh betta change yuh specs

Yuh know she a go bring a whole heap a tings up from de past

All the likkle evident you betta know fe mask

Quick pon yo' answer, know how fe talk

But if she back a run, yuh know yuh betta run fast

[Repeat 1]

[Wiz Dinero]

Uh-huh that's my story and I'm stickin' to it

What you seen and heard, I ain't admitting to it

It wasnt' me, you wanna call me liar, flattin' my tires

Seein' how you play goin' through my two way

You wanna tear my Polos

I can't stand it when you rig up them four doors

From Miami, me and Shaggy in the Caddi

Plus mami with the fatti

Told me, meet her backstage

Talkin' bout she need it badly

I never met her, never seen her

What you talkin' bout?

Bathroom tryna catch us when I'm walkin' out

Dressing room on the floor, on the table too

I'm telling you it wasn't me, it was Don Pooh

[Repeat 2]

I had tried to keep her from what

She was about to see

Why should she believe me

When I told her it wasn't me

[Repeat 2]

I had tried to keep her from what

She was about to see

Why should she believe me

When I told her it wasn't me

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