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VERSE I remember wasn't so long ago We had a one-room shack and the living was low And mama by herself, raised me and my bro. Wasn't easy but she did it with the little that flowed Worked hard got us off to school everyday Keep our eyes on the star though the skies were gray Gave us drive to survive really showed us the way Now I really understand what she was trying to say Chorus She said son there'll be times when the tides are high And the boat may be rocky, you can cry Just never give up,(you can never give up) ( repeat ) In this life you can lead if you only believe In order to achieve what you need You can never give up,(you can never give up) ( repeat ) CHO: And it's hope that keeps me holding on It's just hope that makes me carry on ( repeat ) Verse Home grown couldn't have made it alone I got a wonderful life, two kids of my own With a strong foundation that was carved in stone Thank my mother for the love that made my house a home Makes me wonder sometimes if it was meant to be All this for a humble little guy like me All ever really wanted was a family Teach my kids the same values that she gave to me Hook And Chorus HOOK We nah turn no stepper, things a go better Never let yourself be overcome by pressure Cool yah me bredda, have faith instead a Sid-dung and a watch and all a fight one another Blaze like fire,nah go retire God nah sleep and a him inspire We fi reach higher a that him require Haffi mek we mark before the time expire chorus (repeat)

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