SHAGGY - Geenie lyrics

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SHAGGY She definitely mine until the end of time Talking about this sweet little girl My darling princess I gotta get Brian & Tony Gold to help me on this one In the whole wide world Allow me to express my love Baby you're definitely mine Shaggy Brian & Tony (verse 1) She was a genie and a perfect work of art She had a certain light that overcame the dark Ï couldn't imagine this love to fall apart Oh baby my love The one who won my heart (chorus) She's mine She's mine She's mine Oh the girl is mine She's mine SHAGGY (verse 2) I say Forget the tricks let me feelings intercept yes Let them know you hold the status of a princess My love, my love you have the key to my fortress Refer to you as your royal highness yes God bless simply flawless Me alone fi put the egg them in a you basket Another woman in a mi life there is no contest Girl you got my heart you know Ï got to confess Brian & Tony The way that she moved was like she glided Through the breeze With every step she took she made my poor heart Freeze Sweetness she portrayed Girl my love gets stronger Day by day(BOO) SHAGGY Ï say goodness gracious me She's got me on my knees now I'm begging please Why don't we take a trip down to the Florida Keys Let's spend some gees and set your mind at ease I'm here to make your life better Express yourself in a your love letter I'm here to give you extreme pleasure I'm the man you write about down in your Ledger (verse 1) (chorus) (verse 2) (chorus)

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