SHAGGY - Bad Man Don't Cry lyrics

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Man a bad man

I wanna big up to my homies out there, you know

All my ladies, you're the true players, ha, ha

(We don't cry, we don't cry)

Y'all wrote the game, you know what I mean?

There's nothing like the sweetest wine, the sweetest time

She always get the sweetest shine

Whenever time she start feel sexy

That's when she find, she take up her phone and a text me

Normally me name a call, she scream and bawl

Finger nail a scratch up wall

My jump off is normally easy, but tonight it's like

She take charge and a freak me

She start make me eye them roll

Me toe them a fold, me lose control, I need console

Seems like she flip the script

Wait for the right time and then she flip that switch

For her I had a little devotion

See I'm a true player and we don't show emotion

Now is this the moment I fear?

I started with care, I'm shedding a tear

No way, bad man don't cry

No way, bad man don't cry

Yo, later I was at the club, rub a dub

I'm with some chicks having fun

Was feeling a little bit tipsy

Order couple of bottles, couple of models was with me

That's when I seen her walking slow

All of a sudden I just started feeling low

She had some dude on her arm

And I'm thinking 'bout causing bodily harm

My emotions start going crazy

I normally

It seems I was catching feelings

The right thing to do now is to cut off dealings

She didn't even look my way

I so got played, I felt betrayed, so deep that played

It felt like she twisted that knife

How one boom slam can really change one's life

No way, bad man don't cry

No way, bad man don't cry

Now if you're feeling what I'm feeling just put up your hand

You don't want admit it well, I understand

You gotta confront these feelings

'Cause this's the only way you can start the healing

It really wasn't part of my plan

So make a gyal know say that man I'm a man

I know a lot of players be scheming

And when she ignores you, you walk off steaming

No way, bad man don't cry, yeah, yeah

No way, bad man don't cry

No way, bad man don't cry

No way, bad man don't cry

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