Shades Apart

Ed Brown - Drums
Mark V. - Vocals, Guitar
Kevin Lynch - Bass, Vocals

Base of Operation: - Bridgewater, NJ

SHADES APART is reputed to be a high-octane power trio with a knack for catchy melodies and punchy rhythms. Their modus operandi is combining the new wave, poppy stuff they listened to as early teens with the energy and rougher guitar sound of punk. "Give Elvis Costello a crunchier guitar tone and that gives you a pretty good idea of what we're shooting for", states suspect#1 Mark V. It's a stripped down, hit-and-run approach, and their aim is true on all twelve tracks of EYEWITNESS.

But we know there's more to the story. There always is...

Somewhere down the line, SHADES APART fell into cahoots with underworld legends, The Descendents. You know how it is with that crowd - cranked-up amps, machine-gun drums, vocals straight from the gut - everything pushed to the breaking point. Hungry students could pick up a lot hanging around these punk rock revolutionaries! Apparently so! "Working with The Descendents in the studio on our last two records, plus touring with them, really forced us to be the best band we could be," recalls suspect #2 "Midtown" Ed Brown, "Like boot camp!"

SHADES APART took it on the lam between the fall of '95 and summer of '97. Hitting clubs and "all-ages" halls across the U.S. and Canada, their cult of followers grew with each crime spree (and so did their rap sheet). They teamed up with a string of independent record labels to distribute their propaganda, most recently Revelation Records in California, known for its hardcore / punk roster. Suspect #3 Kevin Lynch is on the record as stating, "The best part of Revelation was the way they embraced our sound for what it was...even if it didn't fit the typical punk or hardcore template." Mainstream America got its first taste of SHADES APART with its blistering cover of the '80s synth-classic "Tainted Love." It received major radio alerts and appeared as far as MTV. Upon resurfacing from a jaunt across Europe in the fall of '97, SHADES APART joined the media syndicate known as Universal Records to plan their next caper.


A Top Secret plan to dominate the U.S. airwaves and claim the minds of people everywhere. The menace is loose again!
Be on the lookout!
Keep your ears open for the second wave, Stranger By The Day ...currently engulfing the masses across the airwaves.
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