Scouting For Girls

Scouting for boys - a handbook for instruction in good citizenship (1st pub 1908). An all-time bestseller, it is both a handbook and a philosophy for a way of living that replaces self with service,puts country before individual, and duty above all. As well as practical instructions on how to light fires, stalk men and animals, it includes sections on chivalry, self-discipline, self-improvement and citizenship. The name Scouting for Girls is both a cheeky pun and a beautifully rounded image. Infused with the nostalgia of innocent childhood and boyish adventure, yet suggestive of maturation towards experience, adulthood and disillusionment. In a bi-monthly CD and handbook, 'Scouting for Girls' explores this motiff through music, pictures and stories. Inspirational, quirky, escapist, and friendly. Unashamedly nostalgic, mottled with loss, disillusion and a poignant lamentation for innocent past times.