Scarface - P D Roll 'Em lyrics

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[Verse One]

Here it comes fool, I play a game where there's no rules

Homies on the cut call me Joe, cause I'm so cool

Quick to get a [???] with a nigga, I ain't dodgin' them

Win, lose, or draw in the hood, I'm squabbin' them

Representin' the Park since I'm living here

Walkin' through the hood from another set, get in here

And after the jackin', you still want more, heh

Fuck your posse, it's time for the corona

Don't fuck with the Park niggas [????]

More niggas found dead here in my hood than in Vietnam

Rollin' seven deep to a car

Quick to take that ass to war, yo

It ain't no [???] being lost

Cause territory and rights are being enforced

So when you're rollin' up, [????] flow

And if a nigga flash a [????] keep going

Don't stop and sell your soul

You'll fuck around and get your ass P.D. roll

[Verse Two]

The last album past gold

And you wanna know the meaning of P.D. roll

Well I'ma break it down for you real clean

[gunshots] know what I mean

In other words getting blasted

Shootin' at a bastard, to see if he can last it

9 times out of 10 he can't

So that's one more nigga in the paint

You see, when I go to work

I hit a muthafucka where it hurts

Starting off at his home sight

And fuck up a nigga's whole night

You out of there, just like that there

For jumping in the ring with a bear

It's easily executed

Put the pistol to the head, cock the hammer back and shoot it

You can't get it no cleaner

Make a hit, break quick to the cleaners

And south [???] to the hole

And don't be no fool and get your ass P.D. roll

[Verse Three]

My own hood is confusing me

Shit just ain't what it used to be

I'm stepping back on my old block

The finest bitch in the hood smoking crack rock

Even the niggas I was raised with

Are walking around in a daze and shit

Man: "Say now, can I get a dollar for a gold one?"

And got his hands out like I owe him

But I don't owe nann nigga

I was [???] in the hood until I got bigger

I hollered at my boys in the gang

And only a couple of them changed

Peace to Q-Dog, Cool Coin, and Old Mack

And all the rest of my boys down with ack

The rest ain't about jack

But I still love the hood, so it ain't about that

It's all about being down with it

Shit, to be got, you gotta go out and get it

Like my nigga doing time in the ???

Now that was a down muthafucka

A couple of ki's, my nigga stole

Straight up fucking P.D. roll

So lay it down in the dirt

Nobody moves, nobody gets hurt

That's how it is, and always will be

I had to have it, even if it killed me

The sight of losing didn't thrill me

So I had to go and steal G

Just to make a quick one

And I ain't give a fuck who fell short to be a victim

You and your family bro

Your ass out of line, your ass got P.D. roll

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