Sarah Geronimo

Sarah Geronimo - You're Taking My Breath Away

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There's a spell in the air

When you're around oh

Takes me everywhere

I can't keep my feet on the ground

Since i'm losin' my control

I feel it in my body and soul

But it feels so good

The way you made me see

That it makes me understood

There's a time for you and me

Now i know i've realized

This is way too strong for me to hide


You're taking my breath away

It keeps me awake night and day

(and) i can't help feel this way

There's so much more to say

You're taking my breath away oh yeah

If i give you my heart

Would you treat me like a queen ooh

Or would you tear it apart

A place i've already been

I would like to get to know you

Tell me that my instinct is true

(Repeat Chorus)

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