Sarah Geronimo

Sarah Geronimo - Light Of A Million Mornings

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I couldn't see the sunshine through the shadows

I could seem to find the soul to care

And in my darkest hour,

You touched me with your power

And when i looked your light was everywhere


The light of a million mornings filled my heart

The sound of a million angels sung my song

The warmth of a love so tender

Touch my life and suddenly

The light of a million morning start in me

I never tried to understand the sunrise

I know it takes away the dark

I can't explain your healing or all the joy i'm feeling

I only know you've come in to my heart

Repeat refrain


And now that your glory has come

Shinning through

Let my life be a candle,

Lord, that shines for you

Shines for you, shines for you

Repeat refrain

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