Californian hardcore band Saosin has achieved an amazing amount of respect from the underground scene. The band held a structured fan base even before the release of the band's first EP, Translating the Name. Pre- orders for the record were extremely high as devoted fans, starving for the CD after being teased with a sampler located on the band's site, quickly brought the EP to the #1 spot on's Top 100 CD orders. To put it simply--Saosin is the name on everyone's tongue that nobody can pronounce.
Beau comments, “At the time we started the band, we were actually listening to a ton of Bjork and Sunny Day Real Estate, and I remember thinking how cool it would be to start a hardcore Bjork band.”

Past reviews read about this CD compares Saosin to the likes of popular hardcore bands such as Glassjaw, Taking Back Sunday, and Finch. Saosin seems to be in a league of it’s own. Guitarists Justin and Beau swap powerful-yet-melodic riffs, with Chris on bass and Alex on drums. Anthony covers the lead vocals. Every note, so clear and perfect, dumbfounds you as it is quickly joined by well-executed screams that give the hardcore genre its label.

“All of the lyrics I write for this band are inspired by the members of the band. The whole new record, all the songs that I'm writing, are going to be about the tour and the time that I spend living in Beau's garage. They are all about members of the band, the band as a whole, them as my friends, our time together, and the fears that come with it all (with the exception of SEVENYEARS, which is the last thing I wrote in my pre-California life),” Anthony says.

"Saosin... it was our singer's idea. Saosin, it's this Chinese proverb, which means... like... keep your heart small, because nothing is forever. You know. Don't let yourself get attached to something, because that thing's gonna be gone eventually."