S Club 7

British pop outfit S Club has confirmed they have split by releasing a statement.

The band - Jo O'Meara, Tina Barrett, Rachel Stevens, Hannah Spearritt, Jon Lee and Bradley McIntosh - had made a live announcement on stage at London's Docklands Arena last night, 21 April 2003.

The statement reads, "With any job there comes a time to move on and to face new challenges. We've had a fantastic four years in S Club. We've experienced so much more than we ever imagined and we've enjoyed a huge amount of success."

"We can't thank each and every one of our fans enough for their constant support and we hope that they will continue to support and understand us in our decision."

Their junior doppelgangers S Club Juniors expressed their sadness at the split. They said, "We'll miss S Club a lot. We are so grateful for everything they've taught us."

The British teen-pop band S Club 7 was created in 1999 by pop impresario Simon Fuller, who chose the group's seven members -- Rachel Stevens, Hannah Spearritt, Bradley McIntosh, Paul Cattermole, Jon Lee, Jo O'Meara and Tina Barrett -- from nearly 10,000 hopefuls. S Club 7 then recorded their debut album S Club and began work on a BBC series, Miami 7, which featured the band as an aspiring group living in Florida; it became the top-rated kids' program in the UK around the time their debut single "Bringing It All Back" climbed to the top of the UK charts. The show debuted in the US on the Fox Family Channel in the fall of 1999 and S Club made its way States-side in early 2000. That year, S Club 7 also won a Brit award for Best British Newcomer.

S Club 7 is now S CLub because Paul went out...