ROXETTE - Sleeping Single

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Here's the house.<br>Here's the city and the stream.<br>Here's the father to my dream.<br>Here's the lost and lonely look in your eyes.<br>When you leave I will break down and cry.<br><br>Sleeping single -<br>I will wait for you.<br>I'm sleeping single -<br>'til you change your mind.<br>Sleeping single -<br>I will wait for you 'til time<br>Has gone by.<br><br>I'll pay the price<br>For all the love you poured like rain<br>'toujours l'amour' over again,<br>But the midnight chills are getting so rough<br>And the bed is big enough for both of us.<br><br>Sleeping single -<br>I would die for you.<br>I'm sleeping single -<br>Won't you change your way.<br>Sleeping single -<br>I will pray for you to stay,<br>He-he-hey...<br>He-he-hey...

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