ROXETTE - Joyride

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I hit the road out of nowhere,<br>I had to jump in my car<br>And be a rider in a love game<br>Following the stars,<br>Don't need no book of wisdom,<br>I get no money talk at all.<br>She has a train going downtown,<br>She's got a club on the moon<br>And she's telling all her secrets<br>In a wonderful balloon.<br>Oh she's the heart of the funfair,<br>She's got me whistling her private tune.<br>And it all begins where it ends,<br>And she's all mine,<br>My magic friend.she says:<br><br>Hello, you fool,<br>I love you,<br>C'mon join the joyride,<br>Join the joyride.<br><br>She's a flower,<br>I can paint her,<br>She's a child of the sun,<br>We're a part of this together,<br>Could never turn around and run.<br>Don't need no fortune teller<br>To know where my lucky love belongs oh no.<br>Cos it all begins again when it ends,<br>And we're all magic friends.<br>She says:<br><br>Hello, you fool,<br>I love you,<br>C'mon join the joyride,<br>Be a joyrider.<br>I take you on a skyride,<br>A felling like you're spellbound.<br>The sunshine is a lady<br>Who rox you like a baby.

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