ROXETTE - I Don't Want To Get Hurt

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In everything I see you appear with me, how come? how come? and everything I do involves you too. we are like one. in my life there has been so many changes and I don't want to be left out in th<br>N<br><br>I don't want to get hurt, I've done my time. all I want from you is to tell the truth. I don't want to get hurt no more this time. I don't want to go blind and find it's falling apart all the time<br><br>In the middle of a dream you are there for me, your face, your lips. but there's no way you can tell cos I hide it really well, so well. in my life there has been loving and lying and I don't need another reason to cry<br><br>I don't want to get hurt... I don't want to go blind and find I'm falling apart one more time.

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