Ron Pope

Ron Pope - Daylight

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I've seen sad

Dark times

And I have waited for the sun to rise

I've seen sad

Dark times

And waited for rain

All I know is whenever I am far from home

There are nights when words seem out of place

Ba da da

I have walked alone and the stars have tried to guide me home

I have walked alone

Lost in the fog

All I find are faded pictures from a distant life

And I wish to God I could see your eyes

Ba da da

I ain't got no magic potion

All I know is that we're better off together than we ever were alone

So if you let me try

Just give me time,


Woman I will find a way to help you ease your troubled mind

Ba da da

If the morning comes I'll be thankful just to see the sun

But the daylight seems so far away

Ba da da

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