ROBIN THICKE - Lonely World

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Sexy girl on a plane

Why u crying? What’s your name?

Who u running from?

Teddy bear, pink room,

Fresh out of high school,

Sweet like the evening sun

Mama says "Don't you think your special."

Daddy says "You’re my queen"

She’s afraid she's going' nowhere

Locked and lost between

But oh, lonely girl don’t you worry babe

How can you get by?

Lonely girl don’t you live your life

Through someone else’s eyes

Egg faced boy on a train

Why U sad? What’s your name?

Who you running from?

Packed house, shared jeans,

Front porch, moon beams

He’s gotta get out of this town

No more bible, he will travel

He learned so much in school

Daddy drinks himself into courage

Says "F--k you, I'm no fool"

Oh, lonely boy don’t U worry babe

How can u get by?

Lonely boy don’t you see your life

In someone else’s eyes

Lonely girl don’t u worry babe

How can u get by?

Lonely girl don’t u see your life

Through someone else’s eyes

(Oh) Dream on (Oh)

Dream on (Oh) dreamers

Keep on (Oh) dreaming

Beautiful mom, can you smile?

Can you glow? Can you sing me my favourite song?

Coffee from one, clothes are clean

Kids are gone, what to do?

She’s asleep inside

She saids birds fly out her window

She watches jealously

She said "She's too old for new things"

But momma you got wings

Oh, Lonely girl don't you lose your dreams

Through someone else's cries

Lonely girl, don't you see your life

Through someone else’s eyes

Lonely world don't you find your faith

In someone else's lies

Lonely world don't you live your life

In someone else's eyes

(Oh) Oh, Dream on (Oh)

Oooh Dream on (Oh) dreamers

Keep on, dream on (Oh)

Oooh Dream on (Oh)

Dream on (oh)

Keep on (Oh)

Keep on (Oh)

(Oh, Ooh)

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